APT Recommendations Developed by APT Wireless Group (AWG)

No. Title Date
APT/AWG/REC-12 APT Recommendation on Models for FWS Link Performance Degradation due to Wind December 2022
APT/AWG/REC-11 APT Recommendation on Licensed Shared Access (LSA) December 2021
APT/AWG/REC-10 (Rev.1) APT Recommendation on Frequency Ranges for Non-Beam WPT for Mobile and Portable Devices December 2020
APT/AWG/REC-09 APT Recommendation on Frequency Arrangements in the Range 694-894 MHZ for Broadband Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) October 2018
APT/AWG/REC-08 APT Recommendation on Frequency Arrangement for the Implementation of IMT in the Band 698-806 MHz December 2016
APT/AWG/REC-07 APT Recommendation on Guidance for the Migration of GSM to Mobile Broadband IMT Systems December 2016
APT/AWF/REC-06 APT Recommendation on Use of 5GHzWireless LAN Onboard Aircraft August 2007
APT/AWF/REC-05 APT Recommendation on Spectrum Use and Sharing by very Low Power Wireless Heart Implant Transmitters September 2006
APT/AWF/REC-04 APT Recommendation on the APT Spectrum Database - Guidelines for Constructing and Maintaining APT Frequency Information System September 2006
APT/AWF/REC-03 APT Recommendation on Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) September 2006
APT/AWF/REC-02 (Rev.1) APT Recommendation on Guidelines for the Frequency Coordination for the Terrestrial Services at the Border Areas between Administrations September 2011
APT/AWF/REC-01 (Rev.1) APT Recommendation on Use of the Band 4940-4990 MHz for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) Applications September 2006

APT Reports Developed by APT Wireless Group (AWG)

No. Title Date
APT/AWG/REP-137 APT Report on operational information of a Non-GSO FSS earth station terminal on vessels and aircraft operated under FSS operating in the frequency bands 10.7-12.75 GHz (space-to-earth) and 14-14.5 GHz (earth-to space) March 2024
APT/AWG/REP-136 APT Report on trends and spectrum developments for IMT usage in 2025 ~ 2030 in Asia Pacific region March 2024
APT/AWG/REP-135 APT Report on Ka-band satellite systems for use in the Asia Pacific region and considerations for development of national frequency plans May 2023
APT/AWG/REP-134 APT Survey Report on Wireless Power Transmission for moving machines May 2023
APT/AWG/REP-133 APT Report on radio frequency beam Wireless Power Transfer/Transmission (WPT) May 2023
APT/AWG/REP-132 APT Report on millimetre wave ITS applications in APT countries May 2023
APT/AWG/REP-131(Rev.1) APT Report on current status and future plan of usage in the frequency ranges of 7.125-24 GHz and 92-300 GHz in Asia Pacific region March 2024
APT/AWG/REP-130 APT Report on 5G mmWave OTA test methodology for user equipment May 2023
APT/AWG/Rep-129 APT Report on 5G implementation in frequency bands above 24.25 GHz May 2023
APT/AWG/REP-128 APT Report on technical guideline for spectrum monitoring during major events in Asia Pacific region May 2023
APT/AWG/REP-127 APT Report on technical and regulatory analysis of the usage of HAPS gateway-links not specified in the Radio Regulations September 2022
APT/AWG/REP-126 APT Report on emerging critical applications and use cases of IMT for industrial, societal and enterprise usages September 2022
APT/AWG/REP-125 APT Report of study on technical and operational measures for coexistence between terrestrial and satellite IMT systems deployed in the frequency bands of 1 980-2 010 MHz and 2 170-2 200 MHz in the Asia-Pacific region September 2022
APT/AWG/REP-124 APT Report on frequency arrangements for terrestrial IMT in frequency bands 1920 – 2010 and 2110 - 2200 MHz September 2022
APT/AWG/REP-123 APT Report on the use of cellular networks for unmanned aircraft system operations September 2022
APT/AWG/REP-122 APT Survey Report on radio frequency beam WPT September 2022
APT/AWG/REP-121 APT Report on cellular based V2X for ITS applications in APT countries September 2022
APT/AWG/REP-120 APT Survey Report on 300-400 kHz, 1610-1950 kHz and 1950-2150 kHz for non-beam WPT for mobile and portable devices March 2022
APT/AWG/Rep-119 APT Report on walk-through imaging systems operating in the frequency range 275-1000 GHz March 2022
APT/AWG/REP-118 APT Report on point-to-point radiocommunication systems operating in the frequency range 252-296 GHz March 2022
APT/AWG/REP-117 APT Report on developments in IoT applications using satellite technologies March 2022
APT/AWG/REP-116 APT Report on the current status and future plan of regulations and usage of HAPS in the fixed service in APT countries March 2022
APT/AWG/REP-115 APT Report on public warning service status over IMT and other networks March 2022
APT/AWG/REP-114 APT Report on spectrum monitoring technologies and measures on civilian use of very small unmanned aircraft system March 2022
APT/AWG/REP-113 APT Report on relevant information for considerations on the possible implementation of IMT in the frequency band 1 427-1 518 MHz March 2022
APT/AWG/REP-112 APT Report on mitigation measures to improve sharing and compatibility between 4G-LTE and 5G-NR systems and other systems operating in portions of 3300 – 4200 MHz September 2021
APT/AWG/REP-111 APT Report on current status and future plan of implementation and deployment of IMT-2020 (5G) in Asia-Pacific region September 2021
APT/AWG/REP-110 APT Report on Vehicle Mounted Earth Stations (VMES) operating with GSO FSS networks in the Ku-band in APT countries September 2021
APT/AWG/REP-109 APT Report on studies on implementation aspects of IMT-2020 in the frequency bands below 6 GHz in Asia-Pacific region September 2021
APT/AWG/REP-108(Rev.1) APT Report on operational scenarios and relevant national regulatory experiences upon systems of train positioning application of RSTT in some APT countries September 2022
APT/AWG/REP-107 APT Report on Railway Radiocommunication System for Passengers' Access to Information and Internet Services in some APT Countries April 2021
APT/AWG/REP-106 APT Report on Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for the Internet of Things based on Non-Cellular Technologies April 2021
APT/AWG/REP-105 APT Report on Technology and Spectrum Management Techniques for IoT Networks September 2020
APT/AWG/REP-104 APT Report on Licensed-Assisted Access (LSA) And 5G New Radio in Unlicensed Spectrum (5G NR-U) as National Solutions for Accessing Shared Spectrum September 2020
APT/AWG/REP-103 APT Report on Frequency Arrangements for IMT in the Band 4 800 – 4 990 MHz September 2020
APT/AWG/REP-102 APT Report on Spectrum Monitoring Techniques and Methods under Multipath Environment September 2020
APT/AWG/REP-101 APT Report on Harmonized Frequency for Band 3 300-3 400 MHz July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-100  APT Report on the Status of Implementation of APT 700 Band Plan July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-99 APT Report on Sharing and Compatibility Studies for IMT above 24 GHz for APT Region July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-98 APT Report on Current and Future Usage of Unmanned Aircraft July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-97 APT Report on Guideline for Usage of the Bands 457.5125-457.5875 MHZ AND 467.5125-467.5875 MHz for the Maritime Mobile Service in some APT Countries July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-96 APT Report on Implementation of the Bands 108-117.975 MHz, 328.6 – 335.4 MHz and 960 – 1 164 MHz for Aeronautical Radionavigation Systems in APT Region July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-95 APT Report on Broadband Wireless Air-To-Ground Communications Links with Passenger Aircraft July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-94 APT Report on System Deployment and Relevant Testing Studies of Railway Radiocommunication System between Train and Trackside (RSTT) in APT Countries July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-93 APT Report on Implementing Public Safety LTE (PS-LTE) Mobile Broadband capability in Asia Pacific Region July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-92 APT Report on Technical and Operational Analysis for Using High Altitude Platform Station as IMT Base Stations (HIBS) in the Frequency Bands below 2.7 GHz identified for IMT July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-91 APT Report on Impact Study for Non-Beam WPT for Mobile and Portable Devices July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-90 APT Report on Reponses to the Questionnaire on Usage and Future Plan of Frequency Bands in Relation to Studies on WRC-19 Agenda item 1.13 in Asia-Pacific Region July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-89 APT Report on Integration of Satellite Technologies into the next generation access technologies ecosystem September 2018
APT/AWG/REP-88 APT Report on Narrowband PPDR Applications and Systems in bans below 1 GHZ September 2018
APT/AWG/REP-87 APT Survey Report for 100 to 300 KHz band Non-beam WPT September 2018
APT/AWG/REP-86(Rev.1) APT Report on "Survey on Current Status and Future Plan of Implementation and Deployment of Internet of Things in Asia Pacific Region Countries" September 2020
APT/AWG/REP-85 APT Report on Technologies of Fixed Wireless System to Provide Remote Connectivity September 2018
APT/AWG/REP-84(Rev.1) APT Report on Survey on Regulatory Information for Implementation of IMT Network in the Asia Pacific region July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-83 APT Report on Survey the usage and future plan of the band 3300-3400 MHz in the Asia Pacific region April 2018
APT/AWG/REP-82(Rev.1) APT Report on Survey the usage and future plan of the band 4800-4990 MHz in the Asia Pacific region July 2019
APT/AWG/REP-81 APT Report on FWS link performance under severe weather conditions April 2018
APT/AWG/REP-80 APT Report on Spectrum Monitoring Methodology at the Border Areas September 2017
APT/AWG/REP-79(Rev.1) APT Report on frequency arrangements for IMT in the band 470-703 MHz September 2022
APT/AWG/REP-78 APT Report on System Description, Technologies and Implementation of Railway Radiocommunication Systems Between Train and Trackside (RSTT) September 2017
APT/AWG/REP-77 APT Report on Survey on the Usage of the Bands 457.5125 - 457.5875 MHz and 467.5125 - 467.5875 MHz by the Maritime Mobile Service in Asia Pacific Region September 2017
APT/AWG/REP-76 APT Report on Frequency Ranges Used for Non-beam WPT for EVs September 2017
APT/AWG/REP-75 APT Report on In Band Full Duplex technology for Fixed Wireless System September 2017
APT/AWG/REP-74 APT Report on study on Geo-Location Database as an enable technology of CRS September 2017
APT/AWG/REP-73(Rev.1) APT Report on Harmonization of Frequency Ranges Use by Wireless PPDR Applications in Asia-Pacific Region September 2017
APT/AWG/REP-72 APT Report on Grid Monitoring Network Using TDOA Technology April 2017
APT/AWG/REP-71 APT Report on Services and Applications of Wireless Power Transmission Technology April 2017
APT/AWG/REP-70 APT Report on Survey Study on the Usage and Future Plans of the Bands 17.7-20.2 GHz and 27.5-30 GHz in the Asia-Pacific Region April 2017
APT/AWG/REP-69 APT Report on Survey Study on Frequency Usage of the Bands 108 – 117.975 MHz, 328.6 – 335.4 MHz and 960 – 1 164 MHz for Aeronautical Radionavigation Service in APT Region April 2017
APT/AWG/REP-68 APT Report on "Authorized/Licensed Shared Access as a National Solution to Access Spectrum for IMT September 2016
APT/AWG/REP-67 APT Report on "Small Cell Cloud Services" September 2016
APT/AWG/REP-66(Rev.1) APT Report on "Short Range Radiocommunication Systems and Application Scenarios Operating in the Frequency Range 275-1000GHz" September 2018
APT/AWG/REP-65 APT Report on "Fixed Wireless System in APT Region" September 2016
APT/AWG/REP-64 APT Report on "Application of Digital Signal Processing in Spectrum Monitoring" February 2016
APT/AWG/REP-63 APT Survey Report on "Application of Direct Broadband Radio Communication System between Air and Ground" March 2015
APT/AWG/REP-62(Rev.1) APT Report on "Wireless Power Transmission (WPT)" March 2015
APT/AWG/REP-61 APT Report on "The Usage of Road Sensor Network in APT Member Countries" March 2015
APT/AWG/REP-60 APT Report on "Network Synchronization Technologies in Radio Access Networks for IMT TDD Systems" March 2015
APT/AWG/REP-59 APT Report on "CRS Deployment Scenarios and Associated Technologies" March 2015
APT/AWG/REP-58 APT Report on "The Usage of the Frequency Band 13.75-14 GHZ in the Asia-Pacific Region" March 2015
APT/AWG/REP-57(Rev.1) APT Report on "Studies within the Architecture and Performance of Integrated MSS System and Hybrid Satellite/ Terrestrial Systems below the 3GHz Band" April 2017
APT/AWG/REP-56 APT Report on "Possible Radio Services and Applications onboard Aircraft and Vessels" September 2014
APT/AWG/REP-55 APT Report on "Study on Embedded Narrow Band M2M" September 2014
APT/AWG/REP-54 APT Survey Report on "Fixed Wireless Systems" September 2014
APT/AWG/REP-53 APT Report on "Migration Strategy of GSM to Mobile Broadband" September 2014
APT/AWG/REP-52 APT Report on "Usage of the Bands 2 700 - 2 900 MHz, 4 200 - 4 400 MHz and 5 350 - 5 460 MHZ in Asia-Pacific Region" September 2014
APT/AWG/REP-51 APT Report on "Usage of the Bands 8 700 – 9 300 MHz and 9 900 – 10 500 MHz in Asia-Pacific Region" September 2014
APT/AWG/REP-50 APT Survey Report on "Frequency Bands in relations to Study on WRC-15 Agenda Item 1.1" September 2014
APT/AWG/REP-49 APT Survey Report on "Maritime VHF Band Usage and consideration of New Applications in the Region of APT" March 2014
APT/AWG/REP-48 APT Survey Report on "Wireless Power Transmission" March 2014
APT/AWG/REP-47 APT Report on "Future IMT Technologies" March 2014
APT/AWG/REP-46(Rev.2) APT Report on "Frequency Usage of the Bands 1 980-2 010 MHZ AND 2 170 - 2 200 MHz in Asia Pacific Region" April 2018
APT/AWG/REP-45 APT Report on "Studies in addressing the Inefficiency associated with the Asymmetry of existing unplanned FSS Uplink/ Downlink Spectrum in the 10-15 GHZ Band" March 2014
APT/AWG/REP-44 APT Report on "Coexistence between Services at the Boundary of the 700 MHz and 800 MHz Bands" March 2014
APT/AWG/REP-43 APT Report on "Visualization Spectrum Monitoring and DF/ Location System" March 2014
APT/AWG/REP-42 APT Report on "Machine to Machine Communications Applications and Developments" September 2013
APT/AWG/REP-41 APT Report on "Fixed Mobile Convergence Services" September 2013
APT/AWG/REP-40 APT Survey Report on "Fixed Mobile Convergence Services" September 2013
APT/AWG/REP-39 APT Report on "Regional Spectrum Requirements Estimates related to WRC-15 Agenda Item 1.1" September 2013
APT/AWG/REP-38(Rev.1) APT Report on "Technical Requirements for Mission Critical Broadband PPDR Communications" February 2016
APT/AWG/REP-37(Rev.1) APT Report on "Frequency Usage of the Band 3400-3600 MHz" March 2014
APT/AWG/REP-36 APT Report on "806-960 MHz Frequency Arrangements, National Allocations and Assignments for IMT" March 2013
APT/AWG/REP-35(Rev.1) APT Report on “Frequency bands for harmonized use of SRDs” March 2015
APT/AWG/REP-34 APT Report on "Studies for the Efficient Interoperability Between Satellite and Terrestrial Services in the Area of Disaster Mitigation and Relief" March 2013
APT/AWG/REP-33 APT Report on "Use of Satellite Technology to fulfil The Broadband Requirements of Social, Industrial and Economic Development" March 2013
APT/AWG/REP-32 APT Report on "2.6GHz Frequency Arrangements, National Allocations and Assignments for IMT" September 2012
APT/AWG/REP-31(Rev.1) APT Survey Report on "Introduction, Application, Issues and Technology for Short Range Devices (SRDs)" March 2015
APT/AWG/REP-30 APT Report on "Telecommunication and Broadcasting Convergence" September 2012
APT/AWG/REP-29 APT Survey Report on "Cognitive Radio Systems (CRS) and Software Defined Radio (SDR)" April 2012
APT/AWG/REP-28 APT Report on "Survey of Trend and Forecast on Mobile communications in APT Countries" April 2012
APT/AWG/REP-27 APT Report on "PPDR Applications Using IMT Based Technologies and Networks" April 2012
APT/AWG/REP-26 APT Report on "Spectrum Management and Spectrum Monitoring During Major Events" September 2011
APT/AWG/REP-25(Rev.1) APT Report on "Case Studies on Typical Radio Interference, Their Causes and Solutions" March 2013
APT/AWG/REP-24 APT Report on "Implementation Issues Associated with Use of the Band 698-806 MHz by Mobile Services" September 2011
APT/AWG/REP-23 APT Report on "Opinion on Framework the Use of Mobile Phones Onboard Vessels" September 2011
APT/AWG/REP-22 APT Report on " Guidelines on Technical Conditions for the Use of Mobile Phones Onboard Vessels" September 2011
APT/AWG/REP-21 APT Survey Report on "Femtocell" September 2011
APT/AWG/REP-20 APT Report on "Fixed Mobile Convergence Business Model" September 2011
APT/AWG/REP-19 APT Report on "Sharing Compatibility Studies of GSM MCBTS and Adjacent Systems in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz Bands in Asia Pacific March 2011
APT/AWG/REP-18(Rev.2) APT Report on "Usage of Intelligent Transportation Systems in APT Countries April 2018
APT/AWF/REP-17 APT Report on "Standardization Progress of Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)" September 2010
APT/AWF/REP-16 APT Report on "Trends and Technical Requirements for Modern Satellite Applications" September 2010
APT/AWG/REP-15(Rev.9) APT Report on "Information of Mobile Operator's Frequencies, Technologies and License Durations in Asia Pacific Countries" May 2023
APT/AWF/REP-14 APT Report on "Harmonized Frequency Arrangements for the Band 698-806 MHz" September 2010
APT/AWF/REP-13 APT Survey Report on "Radio Spectrum Monitoring Works in the Asia Pacific Region" April 2010
APT/AWG/REP-12(Rev.1) APT Report on "APT Frequency Arrangement on 2300-2400 MHz for IMT/BWA September 2012
APT/AWF/REP-11 APT Report on "UHF Band Usage and Considerations for Realizing the UHF Digital Dividend" September 2009
APT/AWF/REP-10 APT Report on "Characteristics and Requirements for Broadband Wireless Access Systems" September 2009
APT/AWF/REP-09 APT Report on "Regulatory Aspect of Fixed Mobile Convergence" September 2009
APT/AWF/REP-08 APT Report on "Possible Harmonized Use of Bands 406.1-430 MHz, 806-824/851-869 MHz, 4940-4990 MHz, 5850-5925 MHz for PPDR Application in some APT Countries" April 2009
APT/AWG/REP-07(Rev.6) APT Report on Survey on Operation of Short-Range Devices (SRDs) September 2018
APT/AWF/OP-02(Rev.3) APT Guideline on "Technical Conditions for the Use of Mobile Phones Onboard Aircraft" September 2018
APT/AWF/REP-06 APT Survey Report on "Business and Regulatory Issues of Wireless Convergence Services" March 2008
APT/AWF/REP-05 APT Report on "The Coexistence of Broadband Wireless Access Networks in the 3400 - 3800 MHz Band and Fixed Satellite Service Networks in the 3400 - 4200MHz Band" Attached documents to this report: 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D, 6E1, 6E2, 6F1, 6F2 March 2008
APT/AWF/OP-01 APT Opinion on "The Framework for the Use of Mobile Phone Onboard Aircraft" August 2007
APT/AWG/REP-04(Rev.2) APT Report on "Studies on the Coexistence between IMT-2000 Technologies and between IMT-2000 Technologies and other wireless Access Technologies in Adjacent and Near-Adjacent Frequency Bands" February 2016
APT/AWF/REP-03 APT Report on "Application of IMT-2000 Technologies for Fixed Wireless Access Application" August 2007
APT/AWF/REP-02 APT Report on "Cost Effective Wireless Systems in Underserved Areas of Asia Pacific using IMT-2000 and Other Related Technologies" August 2007
APT/AWG/REP-01(Rev.2) APT Report on "Ultra-Wide Band" September 2020