APT Wireless Group (AWG)


The APT Wireless Group (AWG) is covering various aspects of emerging wireless systems including IMT/IMT-Advanced to meet the upcoming digital convergence era in the Asia-Pacific region. It is assisting the process of providing cost effective radiocommunications solutions and facilitating the transfer of technology. The Terms of References of the APT Wireless Group are as follows:


The principle objectives of the AWG are:


APT Wireless Group is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chairs and Working Groups. Currently there are four Working Groups under AWG. Working Groups are consists of several Sub-Working Groups and Task Groups:

Working Group on Harmonization

Working Group on IMT

Working Group on Terrestrial

Working Group on Space, Aeronautical and Maritime 

Sub-Working Group on Spectrum Arrangement and Harmonization

Sub-Working Group on
IMT Spectrum

Task Group on Fixed Wireless and Ground-Based Radar Systems

Sub-Working Group on Satellite Systems

Sub-Working Group on Sharing Studies

Sub-Working Group on IMT Technologies

Task Group on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Task Group on Aeronautical and Maritime


Sub-Working Group on Spectrum Monitoring


Task Group on Public Protection and Disaster Relief

Task Group on Wireless Power Transmission

Task Group on High Altitude Platform Station

Task Group on Railway Radiocommunications

Task Group on Wireless Access Systems including Radio Local Access Networks


AFIS Ad-Hoc Group



Asia-Pacific Telecommunity
12/49 Soi 5, Chaengwattana Road,
Bangkok 10210, Thailand
Tel: +662 573 0044
Fax: +662 573 7479
Email: [email protected]

Office Bearers
Chair, AWG

Dr. Le Van Tuan (Socialist Republic of Viet Nam)

Vice-Chairs, AWG

Dr. Dae-Jung Kim (Republic of Korea)
Dr. Eng. Khoirul Anwar (Republic of Indonesia)