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APT Telecommunication/ICT Development Forum (ADF) is part of APT’s continuous effort of its Asia-Pacific Initiatives for the Information Society (AIIS) Programme which focused on assisting members in bridging of the digital divide. This has become important amid the rapid changes of technology, fast changing telecommunications scenarios and tremendous growth of ICT sector. The ADF is a platform that provides an opportunity to identify the specific issues that hinder the development of the telecommunication networks in rural areas and to discuss the appropriate use of new technologies available for rural telecom development.


In June 2004, the first ADF was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The event became a platform in finalizing the draft text of Bangkok Agenda that was submitted to the Ministerial Conference on Broadband and ICT Development that was held in July 2004. The ADF is also linked to the achievements of the International Collaborative Research and the ICT Pilot Projects in Rural Areas funded by the Extra-Budgetary Contribution from Japan, the Project to Facilitate ICT Application in the Asia-Pacific funded by the Extra-Budgetary Contribution from Republic of Korea, and the Project on Promoting the Use of ICT for Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals funded by Extra-Budgetary Contribution from China. The results of the projects are reported in the ADF allotted session for the sharing the fruitful results under the close co-operation of the local collaborators and Experts in the APT Members from the various fields of telecommunication and ICT. The ADF was renamed from Asia-Pacific Telecommunication and ICT Development Forum to APT Telecommunication/ICT Development Forum in 2016 at the 39th Session of the Management Committee of APT (MC-39).




The Objectives of ADF are to:




The ADF will meet at least once a year or as deemed necessary. The ADF will be organized as a physical meeting, virtual/online meeting, or hybrid meeting (combination of both physical and virtual/online). The ADF will be led by Chair and two Vice-Chairs. The Chair shall be nominated by the Forum on a consensus basis with the term of two years that is extendable once. Two Vice-Chairs shall be nominated as necessary with the term of two years that is extendable.




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