ICT Project and Collaborative Research

ICT Project and Collaborative Research


1. International Collaborative Research (Category-I Project)


The International Collaborative Research (Category-I Project) is formerly known as “HRD Programme for Exchange of ICT Researchers/Engineers”. The objective of the programme is to promote the exchange of advanced knowledge and technical know-how among ICT researchers/engineers in the Asia-Pacific region through international collaborative research projects on ICT and ICT utilization. This supports a face-to-face interaction and the exchange of new ideas and technical know-how among researchers and engineers in the APT member countries.


The criteria have been updated regularly to reflect the rapid technological changes and other circumstances since initiation of the program in 2001. The programme now is being implemented recognizing the importance of human resource development as expressed in the Asia-Pacific ICT Ministerial Meeting on “Co-creating a Connected Digital Future in the Asia-Pacific”.


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2. ICT Pilot Projects for Rural Areas (Category-II Project)


Recognizing the importance of establishing ICT infrastructure in rural areas as expressed in the “Bangkok Agenda” adopted by the APT Ministerial Conference in 2004, the “ICT Development Programme for Supporting ICT pilot Projects in Rural Areas” was initiated in 2005 with the objective of narrowing the digital divide in the Asia-Pacific region by promoting and establishing pilot projects.


Various projects have been established to ensure the access to ICT in rural areas of APT Members and to facilitate development of ICT infrastructures/services in the region. The example of subject fields of the pilot projects are construction of multi-purpose telecenters in rural areas, introduction of new wireless technologies systems in rural areas, and other topics for contributing to ICT development in rural areas employing emerging technologies.


From the year 2016, this programme will be referred as “ICT Pilot Projects for Rural Areas (Category-II Project)”.


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3. Project to facilitate ICT Application in the Asia-Pacific


ICT application are key elements for the socio-economic development of the Asia-Pacific region and it encourages APT Members to promote ICT applications. In this regards, APT has its mission in promoting ICT applications to support solving economic ans social issues such as increasing efficiency, improving productivity and bridging digital divide in each Member country.


To implement this mission, "Project to Facilitate ICT Application in the Asia-Pacific" was initiated in 2015.


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APT Regional Workshop on Smart City Platform, 30 November - 2 December 2022, Putrajaya, Malaysia



4. "Collaborative Response Measures to Prevent Unsolicited Commercial Messages (Spam) in Asia-Pacific Region"


The Strategic Plan of the APT for 2021-2023 adopted five strategic pillars and “Trust and Safety” is one of them. The strategic direction of this pillar is “to develop and maintain secure, trusted and resilient telecommunication/ICT networks and services”. Accordingly, the 45th Session of the Management Committee of the APT(MC-45) in 2021 approved to conduct a research on “Collaborative Response Measure to Prevent Unsolicited Commercial Messages (Spam) in Asia Pacific Region”(MC45/OUT-09).KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency), the collaborative research implementing Agency is a specialized agency in the field of cybersecurity and privacy with the relevant experts and extensive technical skills. Detail activities are as follows:


  1. Conduct a survey on unsolicited commercial messages (spam) to understand the current situation in each APT member country including issues they are facing, relevant legislations/policies, and international cooperation on this matter, etc.
  2. Produce a research report based on the survey result and share the result and analysis of the survey with APT members.


Collaborative Response Measure to Prevent Unslicited Commercial Messages (Spam) in Asia Pacific Region(March to December 2021)


Collaborative Response Measures to Prevent Unsolicited Commercial Messages (Spam) in the Asia Pacific Region(March to December 2022)



5. Project on Promoting the Use of ICT for Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals


Currently, the information and communications technologies (ICTs) are undergoing a major transformation driven by innovation and intelligent applications around the world. A new generation of ICTs, such as 5G, AI, big data, are more widely integrated with the real economy. The wide use of ICTs is of vital significance to addressing major socio-economic issues, such as population growth, resource shortage, aging, environmental pollution and prevention of natural disasters. With the rapid development of digital economy, the traditional sectors such as manufacturing healthcare, agriculture and transportation will become more energy-efficient, intelligent and efficient.


The Project on Promoting the Use of ICT for Sustainable Development Goals was initiated in 2020.


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6. Publishing Programme for ICT Policy and Development


This programme, funded by the Extra Budgetary Contribution from Japan, supports publishing activities about ICT Policy and Development at the APT Secretariat for the APT Member countries especially about issues that cannot be solved by a single country, namely disaster management, global warming, energy, medical care, cyber-security and so forth.


In order to help the Member countries tackle regional challenges in the ICT field, and also increase awareness of the Members on the APT activities for ICT Policy and Development in the region, the outcome may be adopted as APT’s Reports, Guidelines, etc. with necessary amendments in the Work Programmes, and will be distributed to Members widely.


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