Preparatory Activities for WTSA-12

The WTSA, which takes place every four years, defines general policy for the Sector, establishes the study groups and approves their work programme for each study period of four years, appoints the study group Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen, is the key international event on telecommunication standardization. Apart from above other important issues to be discussed and resolved at the next WTSA are ITU-T working methods and the Study Group Structure, Strategic Standardization Issues, Standardization needs of developing countries, Regulatory issues related to Standardization and the specific requirements of developing countries. The WTSA is convened by the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to consider specific matters related to telecommunication standardization. 

APT Preparatory Activities for WTSA-2012

The 34th Session of the Management Committee of the APT approved the holding of APT Preparatory Meetings for WTSA-2012 in year 2011. The 1st APT Preparatory Meeting for World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly 2012 (WTSA-2012) was held on 27 May 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand immediately following the 18th ASTAP Forum. The meeting elected Chairman, Vice Chairmen and agreed on the structure of the APT Preparatory Group for WTSA-12 and established four Correspondence Groups (CGs). 

Scope of Work and Structure
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Procedure for Developing and Approval APT Common Procedure (ACP) for ITU World Telecommunication Standardization Assemblies

Office Bearers of the APT Preparatory Group for WTSA-12

Vice Chairmen

Dr. Syed Mostafa Safavi Hemami, 

Islamic Rep. of Iran

Ms. Xu Weiling, PR China 

Ms. Michiko Fukahori, Japan

Dr. Kishik Park, Rep. of Korea

Correspondence Group
Assistant Rapporteur(s)


ITU-T Working Methods       


Mr. Seiichi Tsugawa, Japan 
Mr. Zhao Shizhuo, PR China 
Dr. Naranmandakh Tumen-Ulzii, Mongolia


Strategic Standardization Issues and ITU-T Study Group Structure


Mr. Yoshinori Goto, Japan
Dr. Byoung Nam Lee, Rep. of Korea
Ms. Zhang Jie, PR China
Mr. Tumurpurev Dulambazar, Mongolia

Issues for Developing Countries 
Dr. Otgonchimeg Buyanjargal, Mongolia
Mr. Kila Gulo-Vui, Papua New Guinea
Mr. L. Ganeshamoorthy, Sri Lanka
Mr. Pitikorn Tengtrakul, Thailand
Ms. Nguyen Thi Khanh Thuan, Vietnam

Regulatory/Policy, Global Standards Symposium and Other Issues
Ms. Maria Andrea Hernandez, Philippines
Mr. Matt Lopez, Japan
Dr. Samyoung Chung, Rep. of Korea
Ms. Oyunchimeg Shagjjambaa, Mongolia
Mr. Pairoj Likitthanasate, Thailand

APT/WTSA-12/2011/01 (14 June 2011)
Request to nominate Rapporteurs and Assistant Rapporteurs for APT Correspondence Groups for the WTSA-2012.


1st APT Preparatory Meeting for WTSA-2012 (27 May 2011, Bangkok, Thailand) 
2nd APT Preparatory Meeting for WTSA-2012 (27 - 28 Oct. 2011, Manila, Philippines)
3rd APT Preparatory Meeting for WTSA-2012 (19-21 March 2012, Cairns, Australia)
4th APT Preparatory Meeting for WTSA-2012 (2-4 August 2012, Bangkok, Thailand)