Training Course on Preparing for International Conferences (2017)

The Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) in collaboration with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organized a Training Course on Preparing for International Conferences in 2017. The Training Course was held in 2 Phases: Phase I: Prerequisite On-line Course from 30 January - 3 February 2017 and Phase II: Face to Face Course from 27 to 30 March 2017. This training course was supported by the Extra-budgetary Contribution from the Government of Japan.

The objective of this training course was to provide necessary training opportunity for newly recruited or junior officials of international relation departments of APT members, who have or will be taking the responsibility to participate and represent their respective countries or organizations in international conferences. The course will provide basic knowledge of international conference and will help build and strengthen negotiation skills, presentation skills and logical thinking on international issues, which are essential for effective participation and representation in international conferences for the targeted group. This program follows on the training carried out by the APT in cooperation with the ITU in March 2016 with an addition one day program on preparing to assume the role of office bearers (e.g. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Rapporteur)

Phase I (30 January-3 February 2017): An on-line course was organized from 30 January-3 February, 2017 on the ITU Academy platform. It provided the necessary background information, allow the trainees to network and have on-line discussion on a given topic. This phase, which prepared them for the face to face international mock conference in Phase II, is mandatory.

Phase II (27 - 30 March 2017): In Phase II, a face-to-face course  was held at the APT Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. The trainees learned the above-mentioned skills through lectures by distinguished experts as well as practical exercises through mock international conference.

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