1st APT Preparatory Meeting for PP-14 (PP14-1)

  • 2 April 2013 - 3 April 2013
  • Seoul, Rep. of Korea

The 1st APT Preparatory Meeting for the PP-14 (PP14-1) was held from 2 to 3 April 2013 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The meetings was organized by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity and hosted by Korea Communications Commission, Republic of Korea.

The 36th Session of the APT Management Committee decided to establish the APT Preparatory Groups for the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference on a continues basis. In this regard, the 1st APT Preparatory Meetings for PP-14 elected the chairmen for the respective Groups, established the structure, reviewed the Terms of Reference and prepared its Working Methods and Work Plan. The meeting also discussed on the status of any important follow-up issues from the last Plenipotentiary Conference.

PP14-1 meeting was followed by the 1st APT Preparatory Meeting for WTDC-14 (WTDC14-1) at the same venue.

Meeting Documents

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