APG-23: Working Party 3

WP3: Science Issues 
WRC-23 Agenda Items : 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 9.1 (Topics: a), d)) and Res. 655 (WRC-15)

to conduct, and complete in time for WRC-23, studies for a possible new secondary allocation to the Earth exploration-satellite (active) service for spaceborne radar sounders within the range of frequencies around 45 MHz, taking into account the protection of incumbent services, including in adjacent bands, in accordance with Resolution 656 (Rev.WRC-19);​​​​​

DG Chair: Mr. Kevin Knights (Australia)

to consider a possible upgrade of the allocation of the frequency band 14.8-15.35 GHz to the space research service, in accordance with Resolution 661 (WRC-​19);

DG Chair: Mr. Rui Han (People's Republic of China)

to review and consider possible adjustments of the existing or possible new primary frequency allocations to EESS (passive) in the frequency range 231.5-252 GHz, to ensure alignment with more up-to-date remote-sensing observation requirements, in accordance with Resolution 662 (WRC-​19);

DG Chair: Dr. Sohel Rana (Bangladesh)

AGENDA ITEM 9.1 (Topic: a)):
In accordance with Resolution 657 (Rev.WRC-​19), review the results of studies relating to the technical and operational characteristics, spectrum requirements and appropriate radio service designations for space weather sensors with a view to describing appropriate recognition and protection in the Radio Regulations without placing additional constraints on incumbent services;

DG Chair: Mr. Takahiro Yokoyama (Japan)

AGENDA ITEM 9.1 (Topic: d)):
Protection of EESS (passive) in the frequency band 36-37 GHz from non-GSO FSS space stations;

DG Chair: Dr. Hwang-Jae Rhee (Republic of Korea)

Res. 655 (WRC-15):
Definition of time scale and dissemination of time signals via radiocommunication systems

DG Chair: Mr. Takahiro Yokoyama (Japan)


Dr. Wahyudi Hasbi
Head of Dissemination Division
Satellite Technology Center, National Institute for Aeronautics and Space
Republic of Indonesia
E-mail: [email protected] 

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