ASTAP: Expert Group on Multimedia Application (EG MA)

The objectives of the EG MA are to:

  • Review and study the existing and new domains for multimedia capabilities for services and applications for existing and future networks, including NGN, mobile network and beyond. This encompasses multimedia architectures, terminals, protocols, signal processing, media coding and systems. The services and applications covers Web related services, digital signage, IP based TV service (IPTV, smart TV, and multi screen service), meta data, and other multimedia applications using fixed and/or mobile network.
  • Study the regional cooperation for the above services and applications development in order to bridge the ICT gap among APT region and to realize Sustainable ICT Ecosystem for Innovation.
  • Contribute to development of regional and global standards that reflect Asia-Pacific regional requirements.

Outputs from the EG MA include:

  • Development of technical report, guideline, and recommendation of ASTAP standards.
  • Collaboration with international, regional, and de facto standardization organizations such as ITU, W3C, IETF, ISO/IEC JTC1, OASIS by developing liaison statements and contributions.
  • Collaboration with other Expert Groups and Working Groups in ASTAP to achieve the both objectives by organizing joint meeting.

Dr. Hideki Yamamoto, OKI Electric Industry Co. Ltd, Japan

Vice Chairmen: 
Dr. Dong il Seo, ETRI, Republic of Korea

Last updated on 25/11/2022
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