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Recent Events

The 2nd Meeting of the APG for WRC-23 (APG23-2)

19 - 23 April 2021, Virtual Meeting

APG23-2 was attended by 630 participants from 25 Graphical user interface, website

Description automatically generatedMembers, 1 Associate Member, 27 Affiliate Members, 6 International/regional  Organizations and 2 Observers. The main objective of the APG23-2 was to review the on-going progress of the ITU-R studies on WRC-23 Agenda Items and develop APT Preliminary views on those Agenda Items. Mr. Masanori Kondo, Secretary General of APT delivered the welcome address. Mr. Mario Maniewicz, Director, Radiocommunication Bureau, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) also addressed the meeting as an invited dignitary. The opening address was delivered by Dr. Kyu Jin Wee, Chairman of the APG-23.


Even though it was held virtually, APG23-2 was highly productive. The meeting established various Drafting Groups on WRC-23 Agenda Items and nominated the Chairmen of the Drafting Group. A total of 53 contributions were received  from APT Members on the preliminary views on WRC-23 Agenda Items and on other issues. The meeting considered the current status of the ongoing studies at ITU-R on Agenda Items and the input from APT Members on those studies. Information document on each Agenda Item was prepared and presented by the Chairmen of the respective Drafting Groups.  Based on the discussion and consensus reached, APG23-2 adopted APT Preliminary views on most of the Agenda Items. Those APT Preliminary Views have been made publicly available on APT website. 


APG23-2 further reviewed the issues related to the preparation of Radiocommunication Assembly 2023 (RA-23). The meeting also discussed possible revision of the APG Working Methods and decided to carry forward the issue for further consideration at APG23-3. APG23-2 approved a liaison statement to APT Preparatory Group for ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2022 in relation to the question of invocation of ITU Constitution Article 48 in Relation to the Radio Regulations at WRC-19. The meeting also discussed the time frame for future meetings of APG-23 considering the current situation. The preparation of ITU and other regional organizations such as ASMG, ATU, CEPT, CITEL and RCC for WRC-23 were also noted by the meeting.


The next meeting of the APG-23 (APG23-3) will be held in November 2021.


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APT Leadership Programme at Girls in ICT Day in Thailand

17 April 2021


On 17 August 2020, the opening and launching ceremony of Girls in ICT Day in Thailand was held virtually, prior to the International Girls in ICT Day, which is celebrated worldwide every year on the fourth Thursday of April (22 April 2021).


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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceAt the ceremony, Mr Liu Ziping, Deputy Secretary General of APT joined the panel discussion as a representative of APT. Mr. Liu introduced the “APT Young Professional and Student Programme “, which is to encourage young professionals and students from APT member countries to develop their skills on ICTs and shared his views on how young students should seek opportunities to expand knowledge, skill and experience in the ICT field.

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During the event, APT organized the Leadership Program entitled “Shaping your future with ICT: clear and present opportunity”, which is designed to inspire young female students to understand opportunity for career development by providing an opportunity to interact with actual role models, and to encourage them to learn more about ICT skills and services.


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Description automatically generatedProfessor Dr Kanchana Kanchanasut from Asian Institute of Technology moderated the panel  discussion. 4 panelists, all females (Ms Montira Narkvichien from UN Women, Dr Rassarin Chinnachodteeranun, CEO of Listen Field, Ms Sirada Pichayapaiboon, Founder of The Roots Routes, and Ms Kanpassorn Suriyasangpetch, CEO, Telemedica Company Limited) introduced their  experiences in the application of ICT and shared observations in terms of how to address gender gap and  pursue a better digital career.

Upcoming Events

APT Web Dialogue “Webminar on 5G and IoT:
Applications and Policy Solutions”:
17 May 2021

This first APT Web Dialogue (Webminar) is a collaboration with the Asia Institute of Technology (AIT), an eminent international postgraduate institution based in Bangkok. The objective is to deliver technology aspect of 5G and IoT and development of relevant applications for policy solutions. The audiences will learn what services 5G and IoT can provide, available technology and applications, and understand commercial opportunities.


The 33rd APT Standardization Program Forum (ASTAP-33)

7 - 15 June 2021, Virtual Meeting

The objective of ASTAP is to promote, coordinate and harmonize telecommunication standardization activities across the Asia-Pacific region through regional cooperation. It is expected that participants strengthen their expertise on standardization and contribute to expand the scope of standardization activities through practical solutions on the ICT issues in this region. In addition to organizing one-day Industry Workshop, ASPTA-33 will continue to discuss on members’ response on questionnaires on “Requirement on ICT Standardization” and ASTAP Work Plan during this meeting.


APT Web Dialogue  “Spectrum Management: Key Issues and challenges in relation to the allocation and licensing of
spectrum for 5G (sm01-01)”
16 June 2021

This episode will address in detail the key issues and challenges in various spectrum bands identified for 5G. Among the issues to be addressed will include: • Why 5G? • Optimal spectrum bands for 5G – low band, mid-band and high-band • Provision of 5G in legacy bands - DSS • Need for larger contiguous blocks of spectrum consistent with 5G NR • Questions including technology neutrality, need for a separate 5G license? • Need for co-ordination with spectrum used for other services – satellite, broadcasting etc, examining shared/non-licensed IMT spectrum • Addressing COVID-19 pressures. This episode will cover a lecture of 60 min on the aspects mentioned above followed by Q&A for about 30 min.


APT Web Dialogue  “Spectrum Management: Exploring key regulatory strategy and policy issues (including roadmap) in relation to 5G spectrum (SM01-02)”, 30 June 2021

Following the discussion at the previous episode (SM01-01), this episode will try to find out the strategies to address the challenges of allocation and identification of spectrum for 5G and how to develop a roadmap to address the spectrum demand for 5G.


The 1st Meeting of the APT Preparatory Group for PP-22 (APT PP22-1)

1 July 2021, Virtual Meeting

APT PP22-l is expected to elected Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of the Preparatory Group; form the structure of the APT Preparatory Group for PP-22; nominate office. bearers of the Preparatory Group based on the structure; develop Working Methods of the Preparatory Group for PP-22; develop Work Plan for PP-22; and have discussion on the status of any important follow-up issues from the last Plenipotentiary Conference.






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