APT Preparatory Activities for WTDC-10


The fifth World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-10), took place in Hyderabad, India from 24 May to 4 June 2010  with participants to include government delegates, Ministers, Ambassadors and representatives from the private sector, as well as regional and international organizations. The Conference provided the opportunity to review the programmes and activities of ITU-D as well as to set the agenda for the following four-year cycle.

APT has played a key role in coordinating the Asia-Pacific input to the World Development Conferences in the past. Similarly, APT coordinated the regional input to the fifth World Development Conference (WTDC-10). The preparatory work is done through the Preparatory Group for WTDC-10 established at the 1st Preparatory Meeting held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 8 May 2009.

APT had 3 Preparatory Meetings for the WTDC-10. The second preparatory meeting was held in Bangkok from 1 to 4 December 2009 and the thrid preparatory meeting was held from 16 to 19 March 2010.

Report of the APT Preparation for WTDC-10

Results of the ACPs to WTDC-10


Office Bearers of APT Preparatory Groups for WTDC-10

Chairman: Ms. Nur Sulyna Adbullah

Correspondence Groups  (CG)


Assistant Rapporteur

CG1- Programme and Questions

Mr. Le Thai Hong 

Dr. Sabina Fernando



Mr. Alfred Soakai


CG2 –Regional Initiatives and projects

Mr. U.K. Srivastava


Mr. Masanori Kondo



Mr. Gihoon Park

Republic of Korea

CG3 –ITU-D Strategic Plan and other matters

Mr. Pedram Maleki

Islamic Republic of Iran



Mr. Tri Heru  Raharjanto



Mr. Mohamed Nasih



Preparatory Meetings 

The Preparatory meetings were held to assist members to organize their inputs into the WTDC, to harmonize the regions views and to produce Asia Pacific Common Proposals for submission to the WTDC.

APT 3rd Preparatory Meeting for WTDC-10

APT 2nd Preparatory Meeting for WTDC-10 and PP-10

APT 1st Preparatory Meeting for WTDC-10 and PP-10 


APT Common Proposal for WTDC-10 

The Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Common Proposals for the work of World Telecommunication Development Conference 2010 (WTDC-10) have been developed by the APT Preparatory Group for WTDC-10 which held three meetings through 2009-2010, and have been approved by the Member administrations according to the Approval Procedure for APT Common Proposals to the WTDC.  


List of ACPs for WTDC-10 

Doc. No.


APT common proposals for the work of the Conference


Corrigendum 1 to Document WTDC10/27-E

Proposal on a new WTDC Resolution on ICTs and Climate Change
Proposal on a new WTDC Resolution on Telecommunication/Information and Communication Technology accessibility for persons with disabilities
Revision of Resolution 5
Enhanced participation of developing countries in the activities of the Union
Revision of Resolution 45
Mechanisms for enhancing cooperation on cybersecurity, including countering and combating spam
Revision of Resolution 47
Enhancement of knowledge and effective application of ITU Recommendations in developing countries
Revision of Resolution 34 
The role of telecommunications/information and communication technology in early warning and mitigation of disasters and humanitarian assistance
Revision of Resolution 24
Authorization for the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group to act between world telecommunication development conferences
Revision of Resolution 2
Establishment of study groups
Interoperability in Next Generation Networks
Youth and Gender Issues on ICT Development
Creation of Common Database of Information, sharing-mechanism of Radio Equipment including establishment of regional resources for Emergency Communications for disaster relief
ITU-D Assistance in Digital Broadcasting
Pacific Computer Emergency Response Team (PacCERT) 
Improving ICT development for small islands developing states in dealing with current Internet charging regime issue
Hyderabad Declaration for WTDC
Managing Cyber Security Challenges of Social Networking Applications 
Bridging the Digital Divide through development of local content


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