AWG: Sub-Working Groups of WG SPEC

Sub-WG SA&H: Spectrum Arrangement and Harmonization

 Focus of the work for the Sub-WG SA&H is as follows:

  • To review the availability of spectrum resulting required for the introduction of new system technologies or revised allocations and the potential new or alternative uses of the spectrum thus made available for new applications;
  • To develop and recommened hamonized approcahes for the introduction of new wireless technologies, services and application in such spectrum, including preferred frequency band and associated technical characteristics;
  • To develop APT Recommendations/Reports on spectrum arrangement and/or harmonization; and
  • To review any draft texts on spectrum arrangement and/or harmonization, which may be included in APT Recommendations and/or Reports already developed in AWG.

Chairman: Ms. Lyu Boya, Huwaei Technology Co. Ltd., China (People's Republic of). Email: [email protected]

Sub-WG SM: Spectrum Monitoring

 Focus of the work for the Sub-WG SM is as follows:

  • To share information on spectrum monitoring and analysis methods with spectrum monitoring systems and to set up programs such as frequency occupancy measurement;
  • To share Members’ case studies on harmful interference and its elimination;
  • To promote the introduction and implementation of new technologies and applications which could be used in spectrum monitoring activities in the Asia-Pacific region; 
  • To exchange views and develop the methods for cooperation  on preventing interference between neighboring countries; and
  • To share information and good practices on the planning, operational, management and maintenance method of monitoring stations and other facilities and to develop related AWG documents;
  • To faciliate the deployment of the APT Frequency Information System (AFIS).

Chairman: Mr. Jia Huang, State Radio Monitoring Center, MIIT, China(People's Republic of). E-mail: [email protected]


Sub-WG Sharing: Sharing Studies 

 Focus of the work for Sub-WG Sharing is as follows:

  • To conduct sharing and compatibility studies between diferent systems and applications in the same and adjacent bands;
  • To study characteristics and methodologies for modeling and simulation to support the above-mentioned sharing and compatiilty studies;
  • To study techniques and technical conditions for sharing and compatibility among these systems and applications;
  • To develop related APT Reports and/or Recommendations and other documentation resulting from these studies;
  • To review any draft texts on sharing and compatibility matters which may be included in APT Recommendations and/or Reports already developed by AWG.
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