AWG: Working Group on Spectrum Aspects (WG SPEC)

Terms of Reference:

 The Terms of Referecne of WG SPEC are as follows:

  • To develop plans for harmonized spectrum usage for radiocommunication systems in the region; 
  • To develop optimum sharing methodologies, conduct coexistance and compatibility studies between radiocommunication services and systems to ensure compatibility;
  • To study the impact of interferecne to radiocommunication services from other sources;
  • To coordinate efforts to eliminate harmful interference between concerned countries, as appropriate.

Task List:

A number of tasks have been identified as potential tasks for the WG SPEC. These have been developed using the Terms of Reference for WG Spectrum as base requirements. The tasks are grouped under nine (9) items as follows:

  • Identify spectrum sharing issues, and other related items, within APT member countries
  • Develop harmonization of planned spectrum usage  for radiocommunication systems and development of sharing/mitigation techniques. Provide advice on spectrum planning
  • Construct and maintain a database of major radiocommunication systems including operators and IMT-2000 in APT member countries
  • Monitor international activities concerning global circulation (including development of industry arrangements to facilitate global circulation)
  • Facilitate the coordination of regulatory/policy issues for converging (or boundary) services (e.g. converged systems of broadcasting and telecommunication) within APT member countries
  • Facilitate satellite system coordination and orbit access
  • Coordinate efforts to eliminate harmful interference between concerned countries, as appropriate
  • Studies associated with WRC Agenda Items
  • Additional particular tasks as identified within the AWG.
These nine items are presented in detail in the downloadable Microsoft Word document  titled "Tasks for the Spectrum Working Group of the APT Wireless Forum" with an introduction to the item, comments on the possible activities that the WG could undertake and a possible AWF approach.

WG Spectrum Structure:
WG Spectrum consists of following three Sub-WGs:

  1. Sub-WG SA&H: Spectrum Arrangement and Harmonization 
  2. Sub-WG SM: Spectrum Monitoring
  3. Sub-WG Sharing: Sharing Studies 


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