ASTAP: Working Group Policy and Strategic Coordination (WG PSC)


The objectives of Working Group Policy and Strategic Co-ordination (WG PSC) are to:

  • deal with Policy and Strategic Co-ordination matters interested to the APT Members and related to the activities of ASTAP
  • identify and develop initiatives in order to take coordinated action in the area of policy and strategy to bridge standardization gap and the particular needs of the APT Members, particularly in developing countries

Work Scopes

  • To study issues, develop proposals and drive standardization activities related to the work of the Working Group
  • Provide an avenue for policy and strategic coordination matters associated with standardization to be considered in appropriate technical standardization work
  • Promote regional initiatives and cooperation
  • To exchange information on experience on topics
  • To identify regional interest and recommendations from the APT Members and channel to reflect it to the international SDOs
  • To develop APT Reports and Recommendation on the relevant work areas

Working Group Policy and Strategic Co-ordination (WG PSC) will coordinate the activities of the following Expert Groups (EGs)

Mr. Dao Ngoc Tuyen
Senior Official
Ministry of Information and
Communications, Viet Nam

Mr. Kaoru Kenyoshi
Manager, Quantum ICT Collaboration Center
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan

Mr. Tong Wu
Senior Engineer
China Telecommunications Corporation, People’s Republic China

Last updated on 24/04/2024
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