ASTAP: Working Group Network and System (WG NS)


The objectives of Working Group Network and System (WG NS) are to:

  • deal with the standardization activities on the network and system related matters interested to the APT Members and related to the activities of ASTAP;
  • promote harmonization of the standards related to network and systems. 

Work Scopes

  • To survey and discuss on the appropriate frame work of the network and system in terms of the standardization related activities;
  • To share information and develop guidelines for the implementation of newly developed networks and systems;
  • To promote regional initiatives and cooperation;
  • To exchange information on experience on topics;
  • To identify regional interest and recommendations from the APT Members and channel to reflect it to the international SDOs;
  • To develop APT Reports and Recommendation on the relevant work areas.


Working Group Network and System (WG NS) will coordinate the activities of the following Expert Groups (EGs)

Dr. Joon-Won Lee
Emeritus Professor.
Andong National University, Republic of Korea

Dr. Hiroyo Ogawa
Guest Expert Researcher
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan


Last updated on 24/05/2024
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