ASTAP: Expert Group ITU-T Issues (EG ITU-T)


  • Identify high-level and strategic ITU-T issues of interest to APT members, especially in the issues related to ASTAP , where regional cooperation and collaboration is likely to be of benefit to the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Exchange information between ASTAP members on high-level and strategic ITU-T issues on interest to APT members;
  • Develop and promote coordinated and harmonized regional inputs on ITU-T issues to TSAG, RevCom and initiate the discussion for specific APT preparatory programs for high-level ITU meetings including WTSA and Plenipotentiary Conferences;
  • Promote outcomes at TSAG, RevCom, WTSA and Plenipotentiary Conferences that benefit APT members, APT administrations and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole
  • Prepare and circulate appropriate information to APT members in a timely manner


  • Regional opinions/proposals to international groups such as ITU
  • Develop and maintain relationship with international organizations
  • Organize C&I (Conformance and interoperability) event including workshop, showcasing and testing etc.
  • Develop an APT report on C&I relating to ITU C&I program in four pillars
    • Pillar1: conformity assessment
    • Pillar2: interoperability event
    • Pillar3: capacity building
    • Pillar4: assistance in the establishment of test centers and C&I programs in developing countries

Mr. Kazunori Tanikawa
Managing Expert, Innovation Promotion Department
National Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Japan

Mr. Quoc Binh Tran
Ministry of Information and Communications, Viet Nam

Last updated on 21/06/2024
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