ASTAP: Expert Group Bridging the Standardization Gap (EG BSG)


Recognising Resolution 123 (PP-14, Busan) and Resolution 44 (WTSA-12, Dubai) , the purpose of the EG BSG is to:

  • Identify which ITU-T Recommendations would benefit from the development of ITU-T Guides to assist developing countries in applying ITU-T Recommendations (with emphasis on more recent Recommendations),
  • raise awareness on bridging the standardization gap,
  • provide a mechanism to encourage implementation of bridging the standardization gap initiatives,
  • promote initiatives and cooperation in bridging standardization gap,
  • compile information on bridging the standardization gap and the work of ASTAP working groups on this issue,
  • promote use-cases of ICT applications to be applicable in the rural areas of the developing countries,
  • assist preparations for WTSA on bridging the standardization gap issues if required.



  • Developing inputs to the APT preparatory processes for TSAG, WTSA and PP; liaising as necessary with the APT preparatory processes for the ITU-D Sector. Such inputs can include:
    • to identify specific requirements and needs, especially in rural areas, of developing countries in developing new ITU-T Recommendations and revising existing ITU-T Recommendations.
    • to identify a mechanism for the ITU-T to enable it to capture the requirements of developing countries. This includes proposing or modifying new Study Questions.
  • Proposing regional initiatives/recommendations and programs to assist in bridging the standardization gap.
  • Developing guidelines to assist developing countries in their involvement in standardization process at regional and international level
  • Develping handbooks/guidelines for developing countries that help bridging the standardization gap such as: implementation of use-cases of ICT application to be applicable in the rural areas, guidelines on how to apply ITU-T recommendations in particular recommendations having regulatory and policy implications.

Mr. Dao Ngoc Tuyen
Senior Official
Ministry of Information and
Communications, Viet Nam

Mr. Ki-Hun Kim
Team Manager
Telecommunications Technology
Association, Republic of Korea

Mr. Masatoshi Mano 
Director, Standardization
Telecommunication Technology Committee, Japan

Last updated on 29/05/2024
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