ASTAP: Expert Group on Accessibility and Usability (EG AU)


  • Share information on national, regional and international standardization activities in accessibility and usability for information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Identify international and regional accessibility and usability standardization activities as a basis for the collaboration of the APT countries
  • Share information on issues related to affordability and literacy of the ICT services
  • Support the APT national standardization activities in accessibility and usability
  • Transfer the APT perspectives on accessibility and usability to other regions and internationally
  • Input the accessibility and usability features into other ASTAP Expert Groups


  • Identification of the scope of the standardization activities using concrete projects such as publishing reports of mobile application accessibility and software accessibility for the APT countries
  • Encouragement of the APT countries to make efforts on standardization activities for accessibility and usability of ICT devices, systems and services
  • Development of reports, guidelines, handbooks and recommendations of the ASTAP standards
  • Collaboration with international, regional, and de facto standardization organizations and consortiums such as ITU, ISO/IEC JTC1, W3C, etc. by developing liaison statements and contributions
  • Cooperation with other Expert Groups of ASTAP in order to expand application areas of EG AU and promote accessibility of the outputs of other EG's.

Group Email Reflector: [email protected]

Dr. Jee-In Kim, Konkuk University, Republic of Korea

Vice Chairman:
Ms. Wantanee Phantachat, National Electronic and Computer Technology Center, Thailand

Last updated on 07/12/2021
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