APT Young Professionals and Students Programme (APTYPS)


The APT Young Professional and Students Programme (APTYPS) is to encourage young professionals and students from APT member countries to develop their skills on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This programme was established in 2003 and have organized many forums and programmes in the different Member countries till 2008.  After seven years break APT has brought back the programme from the decision of 39th Session of the Management Committee of the APT (MC-39) held in December 2015 in Phra Nakhon Si Ayuthaya, Thailand.


The specific objectives of APTYPS include:

  • To disseminate knowledge about developments in the ICT sector;
  • To facilitate in developing ICT applications;
  • To provide a platform to discuss ICT related issues;
  • To understand the potentials of ICT in solving socio-economic issues;
  • To raise awareness of the APT activities;
  • To encourage them to participate in the APT activities;
  • To encourage women in the ICT and contribute gender mainstreaming.

APTYPS Programmes:

The prevoius year's programme for APT Young Professional and Student (APTYPS) are as follows:

  • APTYPS 2022:
    • APTYPS 2021: Thailand
    • IoT Smart Challenge for Agri-Tech Sector: Myanmar
    • Capacity building in the subject of Coding skill: Thailand
    • Hackathon for rehabilitation for severly disabled young adults: India
    • SCO ICT Hackathon -2022: Pakistan
  • APTYPS 2021:
  • APTYPS 2020:
  • APTYPS 2019:
  • APTYPS 2018:
  • APTYPS 2017:
  • APTYPS 2016:
    • Essay and presentation competition on ‘Digital Economy/ICT and its impact to Thai society’ under two categories: for young professionals and for university students. Flyer | Photo Gallery
  • APTYPS 2008:
    • Forum on “Telecenters” and essay competition (on 4 August 2008, APT Headquarters, 75 students from 12 schools).
  • APTYPS 2007:
    •  Chiang Mai, Thailand (prior to Workshop of Telemedicine, supported by TOT and Chiang Mai University);
    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (in conjunction with World Telecommunication and Information Society Day);
    • Bangladesh (after 9th SATRC meeting).
  •  APTYPS 2006:
    • Speech competition on ICT for disaster prevention, ICT for infrastructure development and ICT for enhancing living standards (on 9 July 2006, Chennai, India, one day prior to the ADF, supported by BSNL, Anna University, India Institute of Technology and sponsored by the Hindu Newspaper);
    • Visit and demonstration of IT School in Nakon Pathom (on 1 Sep. 2006, 5 high school students, organized by APT and TOT);
    • “The future speaks for the future – Youth’s views on how ICT can shape Bhutan” (on 13 Sep. 2006, MIC Bhutan).
  • APTYPS 2005: 2 events were held in Bangkok and Chiang Rai, Thailand (sponsored by TOT):
    • Essay competition on “Impact of ICT on Thai Society” (APT Headquarters, on 1 July 2005, 26th Anniversary of APT);
    • Quiz Program on general knowledge of Telecom. Technology and Round Table discussion (Dusit Island Resort, Chiang Rai, 37 candidates from 8 schools).
  • APTYPS 2004: 3events were held in Hydrabad, India/ Chiang Mai, Thailand/ Islamabad, Pakistan:
    • Demonstration of ability to adopt ICT for various application. Suggestion interesting and innovative applications.


If you have any query regarding APTYPS please contact to:

APT Secretariat
12/49 Soi 5 Chaeng Watthana Road
Bangkok 10210, Thailand
Phone: +66 2 5730044
[email protected] 


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