APT Wireless Group (AWG)


The APT Wireless Group (AWG), formerly knows as  APT Wireless Forum (AWF) is covering various aspects of emerging wireless systems including IMT/IMT-Advanced  to meet the upcoming digital convergence era in the Asia-Pacific region. It is assisting the process of providing cost effective radiocommunications solutions and facilitating the transfer of technology.

The Terms of References of the APT Wireless Group are as follows:

  • Share and discuss information of emerging radio technologies, stimulate research and development, and promote related telecommunication business within the Asia-Pacific region
  • Pursue effective solutions in the Asia-Pacific region to meet the rapid movements towards digital convergence
  • Provide regular channels to discuss and study spectrum sharing methodologies, spectrum harmonization and to provide advice that countries' can use in frequency band planning
  • Develop technical and radio regulatory solutions based on emerging and conventional wireless technologies including satellite technologies to meet APT member's needs


The principle objectives of the AWG are:

  • To promote new wireless applications
  • To add value, and not duplicate, the work being undertaken by other relevant APT programs, and to work closely with other APT programs promoting a harmonized vision of wireless communications systems and services in the Asia-Pacific region to meet the emerging digital convergence era
  • To provide cost effective and timely radiocommunications solutions;
  • To facilitate the transfer of technology


APT Wireless Group is composed of the Chairman, vice-Chairmen and Working Groups. Currently there are three Working Groups under AWG. Working Groups are consists od several Sub-working Groups and Task Groups:

To significantly perform the objectives of AWF, the coordination activities not only with APT internal forums but also with the external forums such as ITU-R Study Groups would be required.

For work scopes, work plan and detail structure please download AWG Working Method and AWG Work Plan document.

Office Bearers

Click here for the full contact of the Office Bearers.

Mr. Sun Lixin (China,PR)
Vice Chairman Dr. Kohei Satoh (Japan)
  Ms. Chris Perera (New Zealand)
Chairman, WG Spectrum Aspects
Mr. John Lewis
Chairman, WG Technology Aspects
Ms. Juyeon Song
Chairman, WG Service & Applications
Dr. Wiseto Aung


E-mail Reflectors

Email reflectors are available to participate in the works of AWG. APT Memebers Administrations, Associate Members and Affiliate Members can join the reflectors by sending request to [email protected].

Meetings/ Seminars/ Workshops

Meeting Date Venue
10th Meeting of the APT Wireless Group (AWG-10) 22-25 March 2011 Bangkok, Thailand
9th Meeting of the APT Wireless Forum (AWF-9) 13-16 September 2010 Seoul, Rep. of Korea
8th Meeting of the APT Wireless Forum (AWF-8) 29 March - 01 April 2010 Tokyo, Japan
7th Meeting of the APT Wireless Forum (AWF-7) 23-26 September 2009 Phuket, Thailand
6th Meeting of the APT Wireless Forum (AWF-6) 31 March - 03 April 2009 Danang, Vietnam
APT Workshop on Spectrum Management and Monitoring 30 March 2009 Danang, Vietnam
5th Meeting of the APT Wirelss Forum (AWF-5)  26 -29 August 2008 Macao, China
APT Wireless Forum Interim Meeting 2008  04 - 05 March 2008 Bangkok, Thailand
4th Meeting of the APT Wirelss Forum (AWF-4) 31 July-3 August 2007 Jakarta, Indonesia
APT Wireless Forum Interim Meeting 2007  13 January 2007 Bangkok, Thailand
3rd Meeting of APT Wireless Forum (AWF-3)  27-30 September 2006 Hanoi, Vietnam
APT Wireless Forum Interim Meeting 2006  17-18 February 2006 Kualalumpur, Malaysia
APT Worshop on RFID in Ubiquitous Environment 09 September 2005 Shenzen, China
2nd Meeting of the APT Wireless Forum (AWF-2) 05-08 September 2005 Shenzen, China
APT Wireless Forum Interim Meeting 2005 04-05 March 2005 Bangkok, Thailand
1st Meeting of the APT Wireless Forum (AWF-1) 07-09 September 2004 Busan, Rep. of Korea





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